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Pen Pouch

January 16, 2010

I designed this pen pouch around my love for planning. I got the ultimate planner from my husband this Christmas, the Moleskin 2010 Daily Planner. Check it out here it is awesome.

I like to write in this planner with different color pens so I needed a way to keep them sorted while on the go.

Here are the plans…..

It is going to be like a cloth traveling cosmetic bag that rolls out and everything is separated into compartments. You can use this for many things other than the moleskin planner you can put a note pad in the middle. You could also use this design for other things besides pens. Later, I was thinking about making one for my dogs grooming stuff (combs, clippers, blending scissors, etc) We will have to see how this one works out first. Also, this would be a great gift. It is going to be fairly cheap to make, get some pens and a note pad and it would be the perfect homemade gift.






This is how I determined the Measurements….

The pouch will be 10×20 and you will be able to roll it up so so that it will be small.

Compartment Measurements:

Pencils: 2in

Mechanical Pencils: 2in

Highlighters: 3in

Planner: 4in

Gel Pens: 3in

Sharpies: 2in

Ball Point Pens: 2in

I am going to make this on Monday so expect to see pics of the final product.

My Helper

Thank you Bowser!

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