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Addison’s Birthday Tutu

May 7, 2010

One of my good friends, Jamie, asked me to make a tutu for her daughters 2nd birthday. I figured the task would be simple enough so I looked at some samples online and quickly got to work.

Most of the homemade tutu’s I found online were plain and simple one color, maybe two. I did not find any with much design or creativity to them. Well this simply won’t work for Addison…  So I set out to make a tutu that was fitting for the cutest little two year old you will ever meet.

The construction of the tutu is really simple. All you need is craft tulle and elastic. The best tulle to use is the type that is on the spools like shown below. Most of the time you can find this in the wedding section of any craft store. The large tulle that you get in the fabric section is stiffer and more difficult to work with, however, it can be used.

Once you have your supplies you will want to cut you elastic to fit the size you need. Addison has a 20in waist so I cut the elastic at 20in. Then you simply glue the ends together to create a band.

Now you need to cut the tulle. The benefit of using the tulle on the spools, is that it is already in strips, it makes it really easy to cut and saves a lot of time. Figure out how long you want the tutu by measuring from the waist to where you want the tutu to end. Double that measurement and cut you pieces of tulle that long.

Once you cut you tulle, you are ready to put it together. Take the strip of tulle and double it over. Loop it under the band and pull the ends through. Do this all the way around the band. Get creative with the sequence of colors that you use. To recreate the one that I made for Addison. You will need pink, purple, and white. The sequence is as followed. 1Pink, 1White, 1Pink, 4 purple,1Pink, 1White, 1Pink, 4 purple,1Pink, 1White, 1Pink, 4 purple,1Pink, 1White, 1Pink, 4 purple.

Once you have the tutu made, get creative with the embellishments that you choose. I love buttons. So for this tutu I took the pink and white strips and tied them together with a white and purple button. To do this I used embroidery thread and an embroidery needle. String it through the button in a criss-cross and loop it around the tulle. Once it is secure tie the thread and trim the edges so that the don’t show. Trim the end of the tulle if needed to make the skirt even and you are done.

You can use the scraps to make fun accessories like I did here. All you need for this project is some felt, buttons, ribbon and a little bit of creativity.

Addison’s birthday party is cupcake themed so I created a cupcake out of buttons and felt. Then I made 2 candles out of wire and beads. and secured it on a rod covered in ribbon. I took the leftover felt and tied it to the rod along with some matching scrap ribbon.

For the bow, I used the excess tulle to make a bow. Then I made a smaller cupcake out of felt and buttons and attached it to a gator hair clip.

This easy project is sure to make any birthday girl feel special on her big day.

Special thanks to my little helper.

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  1. May 7, 2010 11:48 pm

    This is SO CUTE! I love the way you made the accessories and everything to go with it! She will LOVE IT..o..and your little helper is pretty darn cute too! :-p

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