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Planting to Harvest, A Picture a Day.

May 21, 2010

This is the second year that we have planted a garden. It has become the reason I look forward to this time of year. I more specifically have developed a love for herbs. This year I plan to blog my experience and share the things that I learned. So far it has been an adventure I have battled the rain, helicopter seed, and ginormous roots. These are the nemeses that I have encountered so far…. and it hasn’t even been a month since I got started. Here are some pic of what I have done so far.

This is the first picture I took after I made the path and tilled up the ground. We found all of the rocks in our yard. It worked out for us that we live in what use to be a creek bed. The two pieces of wood you see were left from the previous tenants.

These are the plans that I initialy came up with based on what I wanted to have in the garden. I organized it so that the herbs would be in the center of the garden and the vegetables would be on the outside.

This next picture is the first time that we planted the garden. We planted the tomatoes, lemon balm and garlic (from my mother), Lettuce,peppers, cucumbers,and my first round of sunflower seeds. May they rest in peace.  sadly this picture was taken two days before the big flood of West and Middle Tennessee. I lost sunflower seeds, one tomato plant, sage, pumpkins, and dill. Also, I lost all of the top soil I put down. It was a rough day.

Since then I cleaned up the mess and have started over. I began the project on May 17,2010 and I will take a picture a day until the end of the season. The first picture is of a beautiful calla lilly that my mother gave me. This is my favorite flower.

Day #1


This next picture is of my next big day to plant and lay soil. My mother came in town and got me some soil and manure to put down that made a huge difference. Also, I got a few replacement plants to make up for the flood damage. I planted chives, a cherry tomato plant, watermelon, sunflowers, sweet peas, sage, chives, parsley, and purple basil.

Day #2


The next day I put down the soil in the back next to the air unit. This is where I put the sun flower seeds and pumpkins. Also, if you can see in the left corner I put a rock pathway around the tomatoes and also made a more defined pathway leading in to the garden from the yard. Note to self a bag of river stone goes a long way.

Day #3


If only it could have stayed that way… The next day the rains came. I put in a barrier since last flood in two spots to try to control the damage from when it rains. Our yard is lower than our neighbors so the rain rolls down the hill and is just a desaster in my garden. Luckily, it was not as bad as the time before. However, todays picture will reveal that it was not a good day for me and my garden. The lettuce is probably washed away. The dill is questionable, and my sweet peas are probably a goner. Tomorrow I have to get in there and clean out and hopefully get thing looking good again. I plan to put in another barrier that will hopefully divert the water around my garden instead of through it. We shall see, at this point I can see it is going to be an entire summer of trial and error. Me against the elements.

Day #4


Todays picture is of a new herb that I picked up, Chocolate Mint. It smells so good. I don’t know much about it yet but I plan on doing something with it.

Day 5


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  1. Jay Baker permalink
    May 21, 2010 4:45 pm

    I love the garden updates. Keep it up!

  2. Mom permalink
    May 23, 2010 12:55 pm

    You have to love rocks to garden in Tennessee.You are making good use of them.Your initial plans are great and that is how a gardner spends the long winter months.You have followed them well.There is no reason a vegetable garden can,t be beautiful and yours is.Remember bee’s are your friend plant flowers to draw them and stay away from harsh chemicals. I am delighted.

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