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2011 Garden Schedules, Goals, and Projects

January 10, 2011

I am getting a jump start on my garden this year by making plans early. Some of the bloggers I frequent have recently made schedules and plans for the upcoming season so I decided to do the same. Last year, I learned so much in the short time that I had and this year I am looking forward to getting an early start. I can’t wait to get started… Literally.

I have heard you should spend New Years Day the way you want to spend the rest of the year.Well, this year I did just that. My mom came in town and we started working on a trellis. Since then I’ve been planning and anticipating this years garden.

The other day the sun was out and it was just warm enough for me to go out in the yard with my IPad and do some planning. It was great. I took some notes on Evernote, Jotted down some layout plans in Adobe Ideas, and now I am sharing it all with you thanks to BlogPress.

Here is what I got…..

2011 Garden Goals

1. Keep a video journal to document progress. (1 entry each Saturday from plant to harvest)

2. Figure out a better drying method

3. Can something

4. Attempt sun dried tomatoes for the third time

5. Plant more flowering plants

6. Attract a humming bird

7. Make an arbor that grows into an entrance (2nd attempt at this)

8. Add new addition for vegetables

2011 Garden Grow List

Herbs: Basil. Mint. Apple Mint. Orange Mint. Spearmint. Sage. Pineapple Sage. Oregano. Lavender. Rosemary. Thyme. Sweet Marjoram.

Eatables: Pumpkins (2nd attempt). Beans. Tomatoes. Watermelon (2nd attempt). Peppers. Sweet Potatoes (2nd attempt). Corn.

For fun: Cotton.

Flowers: White, Blue, Red, and Yellow.

2011 Garden Schedule

Feb.1. Complete layout and plans for 2011 Garden

Feb.14. Plant Lettuice

Mar.1. Start seeds inside

Ap.10. Aerate soil and till up new addition

Ap.15. Sow seeds

Ap.25. Add plants

Harvest sometime after this…..

2011 Projects


Fence and Gate to keep the dogs out!!!

New Addition for vegetables

I did all of this planning the other day, just to be reminded this morning that winter is far from over. We got snow! That’s as excited as I am gonna be about it…. I am ready for spring!

However, in anticipation I did stumble upon a great social networking site just for gardeners. is just what I needed. Great resource!… If you join my username is Ashtonlea.


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