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Oh, it’s time… Lettuce Plant!

January 23, 2011

Today I am doing it. I am planting something. I have been working on putting together an indoor grow space so that I can start my garden early…and I can’t wait any longer… Its time to plant.

After my last post, I set out to create my indoor grow space. I found a great shelf at an antique store. Bought a grow light and some soil and now I am ready to grow. I was able to reuse some old storage containers that I had in the shed. Coincidentally, I found out that paper storage totes make great growing containers. I put some rocks in the bottom to help with drainage, filled them with seed starting soil, and put a thomometer on top.

I spent around 30 bucks and I have everything I need to start my garden indoors this season.

As soon as I got everything set up I wanted to lay seeds, but I had to stop myself….

The last two years my gardening philosophy has been “stick it in the ground and see if it grows” … and that was great for then, however, this year I want to be a little better than that. I mean I have an iPad now. Information is literally at my fingertips and I am gonna use it.

…so I stopped myself from my impulse plant and went to the iPad. I found that I could grow herbs and various other things indoors if I could create the right condition. So I decided to do some conditions testing to keep my urge to plant at bay.

For a couple of days I kept my eye on the temperature and realized that it was reading a steady 60-65 degrees. This is no good! I need it to be 70 to 80 degrees consistently to be able to grow what I want. No worries, adding another grow light should take care of this. However, the garden budget is spent this month so on to plan B.

What can I start in 60-65 degree temp, Google?

Lettuce sounds good to me. I will have to wait on the herbs until I can get another grow light. But for now I can fulfill my urge to plant and start some lettuce. So here I go…

1: Get Everything Organized…. My specialty.
Doing this took me back to my Science Fair days in middle school. I never could find a topic to get motivated about…. Figures 10 years too late it would come to me.

I made labels to identify type, spacing, germination, and harvest. Toothpicks, clear tape, and notecards work well to make it look legit.

2: Plant…Plant…I finally get to plant!

S. 1/2in.
G. 7-14d. GD. Jan30-Feb6
H. 70d. HD. Ap4

S. 1in.
G. 10-14d. GD. Feb3-Feb7
H. 65-85d. HD. Mar31-Ap20

Grand Rapids (leaf)
S. 1in
G. 10-14 d. GD. Feb3-Feb7
H. 40-60d HD. Mar5-Mar20

… and Bibb, that I know nothing about except that it came from Turner Seed in Lavergn, TN. How that for a carbon footprint? … can’t wait to see how it grows.

3: Wait… The bitter sweet BEST PART.

I hope to see some results from this in as soon as 7 days so I will keep you posted. Until then if you would like to learn more about growing Lettuce check out this link that I found useful.

…an entire website about Lettuce, Brilliant!

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