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Working on the trellis… and Blinded by Science.

January 28, 2011

Yesterday, the sun was out so I decided to bundle up and do a little work in the garden. Well… I can hardly call it work but you know what I mean.

I have been working on a trellis off and on for about a month now, and I finally got some time to get out there and work on it. So far I have only spent 4 dollars (2 spools of twine) and it is gonna be great for growing this season. I can’t wait! However, I must because there is a lot to be done before it will be complete.

Collecting the sticks, alone, is a task. So that’s what I did, yesterday…I raided the creek that runs by our house for sticks and other garden goodies.

To some, living in a house next to this unkept creek bed would be problematic. However, I know… From Martha and my mother, (the other ‘Martha’ in my life)…having easy access to an abundance of timber is a creative gardeners dream come true. All you need is a good set of clippers!

While I was on the hunt for sticks I came across this really neat fossilized log…and I just must find a spot for it in this years garden. I know, I know what your thinking.This chick is crazy….

…. But what can I say…. Mother Nature… She blinded me with Science.
(Click Here…Play Youtube Video in another tab and continue reading )

Check this out…

I can only imagine that the the floods last year had a big part in this. Our house is the lowest one on the street and all the rain from the entire street ( along with all my topsoil and freshly laid seeds) rushed through the backyard and down the creek where I found this log…. Nonetheless it’s a 2011 garden must have. Can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it. Until then, back to my trellis…

I made great progress today…

. Sorry, you can’t see the whole thing until it’s done but until then here is a little peek.

Stay posted to see how the lettuce is doing and all the other happenings Through my Garden Gates.

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