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Lettuce…. Take a look at this growth in only 7 days!!!

January 31, 2011

Today makes it 7days since I planted the lettuce in my indoor grow space. The Grand Rapids and Bibb lettuce have been the only ones to peek their head up from the soil… Hopefully, by next weeks post I will have results from all four types. I can’t wait!

This is my first real attempt to grow from seeds with the intent to transplant so I was a little nervous that I would come up empty handed. I have been taking extra care to ensure that this won’t happen. I have been watching the soil making sure to keep it moist, not wet. I started by misting with a spray bottle and quickly realized that I needed to do more. I put water in the plastic tray holding the potted lettuce. This worked great to keep the soil moist.

It really is the way to do it.

Also, this week I went to scope out the seed collection at my local feed store. I am trying to buy mostly, if not all, heirloom plants… This way I can collect and save the seeds to use the next year.

I got some great seeds, good advice, and best of all motivation to get my finalized garden layout completed. Febuary 1st is the deadline I made myself earlier this year and I have been putting it off. It’s time to get this done!!! Hopefully by next post I will have everything in its place.

Last night, I got a great iPad app to help with this years garden and it also helped me decide what I am going to plant next. The app is called iGrowit and it tells you what you can grow today in you region. Brilliant!!! It also gives great information about care and any preparation the plant may need.

So what’s next for this gardener? The app suggested garlic and onions and I think that sounds good. So this week I am gonna be scoping out the web for any info I can find on how to do this. Hopefully, in the following weeks I will get some in the ground. In anticipation, today, I got my garden tools out and tilled up the section of my garden I intend to put the onions, garlic, and the lettuce.

Stay posted… Later this week I hope to post my finalized garden layout and more.

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