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Planting, Wine, and a Real Good Time

February 13, 2011

This weekend the sun decided to come out and melt the snow. Its about time! My mom came in town and we did what we do best… Shop, drink wine, and play in the garden.

In the morning we went out to do a little shopping and see what was ‘in’ this year as far as garden goodies. From what I can tell oversized ants and fat birds are it. I will be able to give you the real scoop at the end of this month when the Jackson Lawn and Garden Show comes to town, but for now that’s what I am seeing.

I did my best, but I just couldn’t resist, when I saw this guy at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Can’t wait to find the perfect spot for him once it gets warm.

I found another goodie that I plan on fixing up…Twitter enthusiast you’ll like this one. Sadly, you will have to wait until it’s finished. So stay posted!

In addition to my new little friends, I also got another pair of garden gloves… I know, I know, but these are fingerless and under 6$, I just had to have them.

By mid afternoon, we were in the garden, wine in hand, ready to plant.

Bo was there to supervise.

We planted Strawberries, from R&J Feed Store.


Sowed some lettuce, chives, spinach, and alyssum (carpet of snow… the good kind)

Bowser came to take a look.

and planted some Lilly of the Valley in a pot.

Once everything was planted we added some mulch (icing as my mom would say) to protect from the elements…and we were done.

It was a great day in the garden, and the first of many to come this season.

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