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My Martha Stewart March Must-Reads. Special Garden Issue

February 20, 2011

I’m a Martha Stewart Living Girl!…. as if you can’t tell that already by my many Martha posts. I just can’t help it. She know’s her stuff. I look forward to the turning of each month for the excitement of a new read. This month it’s all about gardening, giving me the perfect excuse to share.

This is my Martha Stewart March Must-Reads, a “ReTweet” if you will, of some of the things you may have missed in this months edition of MSL.

The cover. March 2011. No208. “Grow Your Own”… I’m working on it!

6. This is one of my favorite pages each month, Martha’s Month: Gentle Reminders, Helpful Tips, and Important Dates for March. Here you will find what’s fresh this season, Spring cleaning todos, when/where you can find Martha this month, and much more.

12. Susan Sarandon got milk? Love her!

23. Martha gives us a tour of her shade garden in Bedford… Beautiful, as expected.

31. I am absolutely in love with this bookshelf. I need it!

34. Garden Fresh Cocktails I can’t wait to try them out! Tequila-Thyme Lemonade…yes, please.

48. 10 Principles to Grow by, from Stephen Orr. Great read! My favorite… allow a little imperfection. Noted!

52. Some pretty snazzy garden gloves… I want!

101. MLS for the iPad add. Got it!

117.Bamboo iPad stand/case that I am in love with!

124. Love this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote… “What is a weed? A plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered.” great read about the therapeutic power of plants.

128. Community Fare. A great spread about a community garden in Philadelphia.

134. Love this cutesy cupcake set-up.

136. Vegetable Garden Primer. Everything from plant to Harvest. A great reference for this year’s garden.

153. Another reoccurring favorite, Healthy Living: 10 feel good things to do in March.

No6. “Pay attention to the task at hand to increase your joy factor.”

167. The Workbook.

180. Zucchini Bread Sandwich Cookies. Yum!… and garden fresh, even better!

Well that’s all my favorites from this months MSL. I defiantly, just skimmed the top here. This edition is filled with much more greatness, so go out and get it or download the iPad version and enjoy for yourself.

until next time,

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