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I couldn’t help myself… I had to go outside!

March 22, 2011

I don’t know how you rang in your 2011 New Year, but I was working on my garden. I have stayed true to my resolution and am rounding out the 3rd month ahead of schedule for a robust harvest come summer.

This year I set out to start growing for sustainability. Through my Garden Gates is my personal account and beginners guide.

If I don’t know… Google will. When I’m not sure… Twitter will verify. When I just need some feed back…well, that’s where you come in…Will my garden grow?… Stay tuned and we shall see.

It looks like Spring is coming early this year and I am quickly rolling into the planting phase of my 2011 Garden…This is where it gets good!

I have been working hard on the new addition, sowing seed, and preparing my beds. My garden is already starting to come together before my eyes and I can’t wait to see more.

This week I promised a video edition of Through My Garden Gates…and here it is… The Decemberists do a great job to sum up my current feelings about this year’s garden. I hope you enjoy, as I play “June Hymn” three months early, and summer comes to Jackson.

The video not only includes my wonderful pups… Bowser steals the show, as usual. You also get a glimpse of the following:

  • Orange mint ready for harvest… Julep anyone?
  • A hanging project that may be posted soon… The idea came from here.
  • The Mr. and I just had to have tomatoes this week after spotting them during our trip to Lowe’s. We felt safe to plant them, too soon?
  • Various Potted plants, planted and ready to grow.
  • The new addition mid-way to completion.
  • Finally, I got a garden gate to blog about. Chicken wire, a staple gun, twine, and long cut sticks make for a great $10 fence to protect against my number one element… #BowserMoments.
  • The start of what is to be a fragrant herb garden.
  • Lettuce, Strawberries, Onions and Garlic planted in early February.
  • All my mints… spearmint, chocolate, apple, orange, and common. I can’t wait to get my first harvest for garden fresh herbal mint ice tea.
  • Two garden construction zones, Posted Soon.
  • The trellis that I am almost/just done with. One more possible option and I may just have to chalk it up as a loss. We shall see…

…and your left with a montage of the year leading up to sustainability.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Through my Garden Gates.

Until Next Time,

Find something to grow!


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