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The Elements are at it again… Rain and Frost, you are no match for me!

March 25, 2011

I have been quite pleased with my garden lately. The elements gave me a good surprise last week with beautiful weather to welcome in the season. I used that time to add a little green and get things done. I hope you enjoyed last weeks video edition of Through My Garden Gates, if not check it out here.

This week, the elements had other plans and ripped my springtime surprise right out from under me…figures. But, it’s all good. Elements, you are no match for me, my iPad, and the Googles… I saw it coming!

Now to prepare.

My battle against the rain (my most destructive element) is finally taking a turn for the win! Last year, the bed you see through this window would completely fill with water during a heavy rain. In preparation, this year, I installed a semi-raised bed.

My hope is that the rain will redirect around and out of my garden. It looks as if my plan was a success, and hopefully this bed will be a little more useable this year. We shall see…

After this pic was taken and the rain stopped, I went outside to take inventory of the damage and realized my trench needed a little work. Here’s a close-up of my 15 minute fix.

Now that the rain is gone, make way for yet another element.

The weather channel app warned me well in advanced to prepare my plants for a mild freeze between the hours of 1-9am. A quick google search and this how-to gave me tips to prepare. I love my iPad!

So, What is frost?… and why should I be concerned?

Simply put, it is a condition of freezing that occurs when the ground is not necessarily frozen but the temperature get near to or lower than 32 degrees.

It affects plants, internally and can cause the cells within the plant to rupture, therefore, killing or significantly harming them.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to my freshly planted herbs and tomatoes…time to take action!

To the recycle bin! I used 2 liter bottles (minus the bottom) and other plastic remnants to create a small greenhouse effect and protect against the elements.

The moisture from the previous rain will do good to provide some heat to the plant and the plastic will keep that heat in. I covered my plants when the sun was still out to further collect heat within the containers.

Next step, Cover the tomatoes. 2 tiny rubber band and dry cleaning bags worked well in a pinch.

I used rings from a broken tomato cage to gather and weigh down the plastic. Then, I covered the ring and excess plastic with dirt to keep the heat in. I would like to reiterate once again tomato cages are simply better purposes in pieces… or at least that’s my experience.

…and everything else, back inside to sit at the window and wait for warmer weather.

The pups are using this time to get a little R&R before the season really kicks off. I plan to do the same.

For more in-depth coverage of my 2011 Garden follow @AshtonLea on twitter or search hash tag #throughmygardengates

Until Next Time,

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