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Red Brick Challenge… and an Eggplant!

April 4, 2011

This week, Through my Garden Gates, it’s a red brick challenge. We were gifted a small load of shinny red bricks (Thanks, Clamy!) and before today I had no clue what to do with them.

After a quick brainstorm with the Mr, this is what we came up with… Our fire pit had seen better days so we decided to use some of the bricks to make a 3 layer base. I used the top to ensure my ring was the right size, stacked the bricks, and set it it.

I’m thinking a Garden Open Party/ Cookout is a MUST…Soon!

As for the rest of the bricks, I’ve got a plan! As you may remember from last week, a trench runs along the side of the gazebo making it impossible to grow up this lattice…until now. I stacked the bricks along the edge and plan to grow in the small holes. Now, the holes are kind of small so I will have to find something with a small root structure. I have something in mind, but, would love to hear from any of my readers with suggestions…cough, cough.

Also, this week I planted an eggplant. I used sticks, Mother Nature provided, and a piece of wire to make a quick support structure.

To prepare, I read page 20&21 of my handy Burpee Garden Fresh Guide and checked out this YouTube video.

I strongly suggest you get you own Garden Fresh Guide, but until then here is an abridged version and what you need to know.

The Eggplant Facts:

*Native to India ( this is need to know info that will allow you to better accommodated the plants environmental needs)

*Colors range from white and cream to almost black

*The plants dont usually grow more than 3ft. tall

*In British-English eggplants are called “Aubergine” (another word to google…hint, hint)

*Eggplants are semi-tropical to tropical (India, remember) and need to be planted it a warm spot after the danger of frost has past. Woops…I’m going to cross my fingers, hope for the best, and prepare accordingly.












Click the link to get your copy today!!! This is a GREAT garden read. If you garden you need this!… and it’s free. I have pulled so much useful information from it already.

If you are wondering what’s next in my garden…it’s this space. I’ve got a plan, stay posted to see more.

…and working on getting my work station up and running again.

All the while, Bowser is still trying to figure out a way in. All right, but you must be on your best behavior.

Until Next Time,

Grow something!…and get your Burpee Garden Fresh Guide so that you can read and plant along with me this season. It’s not too late by any means, in 7b you still have 2 weeks until planting season really kicks off. That is plenty of time to plan and start your 2011 Garden. Do it!

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