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The Forever Fairy Found a Home

April 18, 2011

My garden is basically on cruise for now. Yesterday, I added some more filler flowers along the edging of the path…but, besides that nothing is really new. I had the opportunity, this past week, to get my headbands into two stores in Jackson and I have been busy with that, leaving very little time to get anything done in the garden. Luckily, the brunt of the work is already done and I have been able to get by. However, I do have something to share. This time it’s not Through my Garden Gates…but, mother’s.

She recently moved into a new house and I went to Nashville this past weekend to help her get settled. I was not surprised when I pulled in the drive to see that she had already planted flowers. No furniture in the house, but, flowers along the path… Yep, that’s my mother.

Here are some pics…

A bear and her cub to greet you as you pull in the drive. I have been commissioned to paint it on my next trip down.

Pretty yellow flowers in pots.

My mom has had this piece of driftwood since I was a little girl. She always finds great ways to place it.

This is where the real forever fairy has found her home, of course, quite close to my aunt. I’m thinking she needs a touch up before long too.

I didn’t take many pictures and I am kicking myself now…However, you can get an idea of her garden style and I will have more pics when I go back later on in the summer. I am sure she will have it decked out and looking FABULOUS! You can probably tell already but this eccentric DIY gardener isn’t a first generation girl. I get my creativity, spunk, and craziness honestly. I would have it no other way.

Love you, Mom.

Until Next Time,

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