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I couldn’t help myself… I had to go outside!

March 22, 2011

I don’t know how you rang in your 2011 New Year, but I was working on my garden. I have stayed true to my resolution and am rounding out the 3rd month ahead of schedule for a robust harvest come summer.

This year I set out to start growing for sustainability. Through my Garden Gates is my personal account and beginners guide.

If I don’t know… Google will. When I’m not sure… Twitter will verify. When I just need some feed back…well, that’s where you come in…Will my garden grow?… Stay tuned and we shall see.

It looks like Spring is coming early this year and I am quickly rolling into the planting phase of my 2011 Garden…This is where it gets good!

I have been working hard on the new addition, sowing seed, and preparing my beds. My garden is already starting to come together before my eyes and I can’t wait to see more.

This week I promised a video edition of Through My Garden Gates…and here it is… The Decemberists do a great job to sum up my current feelings about this year’s garden. I hope you enjoy, as I play “June Hymn” three months early, and summer comes to Jackson.

The video not only includes my wonderful pups… Bowser steals the show, as usual. You also get a glimpse of the following:

  • Orange mint ready for harvest… Julep anyone?
  • A hanging project that may be posted soon… The idea came from here.
  • The Mr. and I just had to have tomatoes this week after spotting them during our trip to Lowe’s. We felt safe to plant them, too soon?
  • Various Potted plants, planted and ready to grow.
  • The new addition mid-way to completion.
  • Finally, I got a garden gate to blog about. Chicken wire, a staple gun, twine, and long cut sticks make for a great $10 fence to protect against my number one element… #BowserMoments.
  • The start of what is to be a fragrant herb garden.
  • Lettuce, Strawberries, Onions and Garlic planted in early February.
  • All my mints… spearmint, chocolate, apple, orange, and common. I can’t wait to get my first harvest for garden fresh herbal mint ice tea.
  • Two garden construction zones, Posted Soon.
  • The trellis that I am almost/just done with. One more possible option and I may just have to chalk it up as a loss. We shall see…

…and your left with a montage of the year leading up to sustainability.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Through my Garden Gates.

Until Next Time,

Find something to grow!


Saving Sage and Sowing Spice

March 20, 2011

In attempt to save my remaining sage sprouts, I decided to go ahead and transplant into pots early. At first, I was hesitant. The typical rule of thumb is to wait until there are three define leaves, but, I just needed to be through with the mold for good, so I took a chance.

I was careful not to disturb the small, almost non-existent, root base.

I hope for it to be smooth sailing for these guys from here on out. The one on the left was leaning pre-transplant and I am still not sure if it’s going to make it. The other one, however, is standing tall and looking good for harvest. We shall see…

It’s March, time for me and the rest of zone 7b to start sowing peppers according to the handy-dandy garden app, iGrowit.

Let’s get to it! Soak the seeds. 2-8 hrs. I did mine for about 4… Doing this helps awaken the seed and speed up the germination process.

Learn more… Here!

Time to plant.

Now, for the grow light and the occasional trip out to the patio when the sun is out…. O, the life of a soon-to-be seedling.

In other news… This months Martha Stewart Living is a Super Spring Read!… but not a garden issue. Sorry, readers this month I just don’t have the time…your gonna have to get your own.

Until Next Time,

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It’s Sunday at the Blue Bungalow Once Again…

March 6, 2011

It’s Sunday and Bowser says, “Let’s go outside!”… not yet little guy, we have some inside things to take care of first.

Until then you keep an eye on the garden and let me know of any squirrels or birds that may pass through looking for a nibble.

I got my craft on and attended a wonderful baby shower yesterday, where I got this neat-o garden swag….
Mint-Blistex…a gardener/girl must!
Seeds to start…YaY!
Small Bucket…to add to my collection.

Now to start the seeds, I had a couple more of these tiny pots so I decided to stretch this goodie bag project into 5.

Added some of my own seed starting soil to the mix and placed it under the grow light… No sprouts yet, but I’m optimistic.

Optimism is key! See… My Sage sprouted, mold and all… I planted 15, 5 suffered the misfortune of a Bowser moment, 4 sprouted, 1 was taken down by the addition of a fan before configuration. Thanks for the advice @MrBrownThumb, The mold is on it’s way out and my sproutlings made an appearance. Huzzah…

And 3 were left!

My potted onion and garlic made it clear this week they were ready to go outside, so this project was a must. I used an old tomato cage that proved to be better purposed in pieces. Grabbed some gloves, a tool, and got to work.

Happy Now? I think so…

My Rosemary seems to be a little more awake… still sulking for some sunshine? Me too…

Suffered typical soil relocation from the elements… Where’s my broom?

…and here is where I leave you, with what’s to come. I worked on the new addition this week, check it out!

Until next time,

Do Something Green!

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Planting Sage, Growing Mold…I’m Abut to Give Up!

March 1, 2011

Planting Sage, growing mold. Ugh! I’m about to give up! Seed starting is not for me.

I read a post this week from a new twitter friend, @mrbrownthumb,
about his unconvincinal paper weight garden… loved it, want one!

..and couincidently, had my own mold problem in the garden this week.

My sage is following in the lettuce’s footsteps and not growing!…
Well, not exactly. I grew mold.

Indoor gardening: I’m done with you! (Slam the door) I’m going outside.


I have been saving up recyclables so that I can do some outdoor sowing soon. Maybe I will have better luck here.

The Rosemary is looking a little pale and sad so I think it’s time to
go outside, whether permitted.

Despite all the rain, my outdoor garden is doing quite well. I found
sprouts of Romaine from when I planted with my mom earlier this month.

Last year, I was overcome by the rain… In the garden at theBlue Bungalow we go full circle with the elements… First, it’s rain-rain-go away! Then…helicopter seeds, pine needles, weeds and crab grass.






…and new this year, tornado and high winds.

Luckily, my trellis stood the test of twine. (PI) I was able to work on it more this week…a couple more days like this and it will be ready to go.

I brought my potted Lavander inside for some TLC. I hope to get a good yield from this little one come spring.

Intermittely throughout the rain and high winds this past week we got a little bit of sunshine and I was motivated to put up my swing. This is my all time favorite thinking/posting spot and I will be glad to enjoy many summer afternoons -post work and daily duties- sitting here with bowser and my iPad waiting on the Mr.

Bowser says, “Life is Good!”

Until Next Time,

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Twitter. Seeds… and a Christmas Tree.

February 23, 2011

He’s finished! I am bringing geek to the garden. I took one of those so-in fat garden birds and painted it up twitter style.

This guy can’t wait to buzz around my 2011 garden… in more than one way…teehee…

I have been putting off most of my seed starting for the time being… I know, I know, I was so excited before…it’s just that my lettuce is, well I’m not sure what it is so were on hold for now… YaY for starting early and having time for trial and error!

I did, however, start some sage in some papertowel rolls last week. (Thanks goes out to two of my long time besties for letting me raid your bathroom bin with no judgments) No sign of sprouting yet but I am optimistic.

Rosemary Christmas Tree (attempt 2)…this is the idea I had.

Follow me… Rosemary will vine if you let it, and it smells like Christmas. I thought I could make an awesome fragrant and fruitful Christmas tree. The problem I had here was sustainability.

Nonetheless try-try-again.

More on my o-so wonderfully productive St. Amant Sunday. I was able to weed out the middle ring/misc shape of the garden with a little help from my Mr.

Here is my quick how-to… Mark all the non-weeds with jumbo Popsicle sticks, grab your gloves, a bucket, and get to it. Weeding… What fun!

I was surprised to see that my mint was following in my footsteps and gearing up for spring. It was everywhere. I don’t know if you were with me in the 2010 garden, but these little guys are back and gonna be bigger than ever.

I had so much fun finding my herbs for the first time this season.

Until Next Time,

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My Martha Stewart March Must-Reads. Special Garden Issue

February 20, 2011

I’m a Martha Stewart Living Girl!…. as if you can’t tell that already by my many Martha posts. I just can’t help it. She know’s her stuff. I look forward to the turning of each month for the excitement of a new read. This month it’s all about gardening, giving me the perfect excuse to share.

This is my Martha Stewart March Must-Reads, a “ReTweet” if you will, of some of the things you may have missed in this months edition of MSL.

The cover. March 2011. No208. “Grow Your Own”… I’m working on it!

6. This is one of my favorite pages each month, Martha’s Month: Gentle Reminders, Helpful Tips, and Important Dates for March. Here you will find what’s fresh this season, Spring cleaning todos, when/where you can find Martha this month, and much more.

12. Susan Sarandon got milk? Love her!

23. Martha gives us a tour of her shade garden in Bedford… Beautiful, as expected.

31. I am absolutely in love with this bookshelf. I need it!

34. Garden Fresh Cocktails I can’t wait to try them out! Tequila-Thyme Lemonade…yes, please.

48. 10 Principles to Grow by, from Stephen Orr. Great read! My favorite… allow a little imperfection. Noted!

52. Some pretty snazzy garden gloves… I want!

101. MLS for the iPad add. Got it!

117.Bamboo iPad stand/case that I am in love with!

124. Love this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote… “What is a weed? A plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered.” great read about the therapeutic power of plants.

128. Community Fare. A great spread about a community garden in Philadelphia.

134. Love this cutesy cupcake set-up.

136. Vegetable Garden Primer. Everything from plant to Harvest. A great reference for this year’s garden.

153. Another reoccurring favorite, Healthy Living: 10 feel good things to do in March.

No6. “Pay attention to the task at hand to increase your joy factor.”

167. The Workbook.

180. Zucchini Bread Sandwich Cookies. Yum!… and garden fresh, even better!

Well that’s all my favorites from this months MSL. I defiantly, just skimmed the top here. This edition is filled with much more greatness, so go out and get it or download the iPad version and enjoy for yourself.

until next time,

Planting, Wine, and a Real Good Time

February 13, 2011

This weekend the sun decided to come out and melt the snow. Its about time! My mom came in town and we did what we do best… Shop, drink wine, and play in the garden.

In the morning we went out to do a little shopping and see what was ‘in’ this year as far as garden goodies. From what I can tell oversized ants and fat birds are it. I will be able to give you the real scoop at the end of this month when the Jackson Lawn and Garden Show comes to town, but for now that’s what I am seeing.

I did my best, but I just couldn’t resist, when I saw this guy at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Can’t wait to find the perfect spot for him once it gets warm.

I found another goodie that I plan on fixing up…Twitter enthusiast you’ll like this one. Sadly, you will have to wait until it’s finished. So stay posted!

In addition to my new little friends, I also got another pair of garden gloves… I know, I know, but these are fingerless and under 6$, I just had to have them.

By mid afternoon, we were in the garden, wine in hand, ready to plant.

Bo was there to supervise.

We planted Strawberries, from R&J Feed Store.


Sowed some lettuce, chives, spinach, and alyssum (carpet of snow… the good kind)

Bowser came to take a look.

and planted some Lilly of the Valley in a pot.

Once everything was planted we added some mulch (icing as my mom would say) to protect from the elements…and we were done.

It was a great day in the garden, and the first of many to come this season.

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